Jim Collins is GREAT!

Read the article, RIGHT NOW, from the New York Times Business Section of May 24, 2009,  entitled “For this Guru, no Question is Too Big.”

I hate the tag “guru” applied indiscriminately! But Jim Collins is a GURU!.  He studies long before he writes.

And his new book “How the Mighty Fall: and Why Some Companies Neve rGive In” is perfectly researched, beginning in 2005, and timed, coincidentally, to coincide with his next “bout of flat out luck.”

The article says “Now the stages of decline that he maps out in the book – hubris born of success; undisciplined pursuit of more; denial of risk and peril,; grasping for salvation with a quick, big solution; and capitulation to irrelevancy or death – offer a king of instant autopsy for an economy on the stretcher.”

The article goes on to say that “institutional decline is a ‘staged disease – harder to detect but easier to cure in the early stages”.

The long article (read it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/24/business/24collins.html) goes on to say that “Vigorous debates continue on blogs about the merits of Mrs. Collin’s books.  One of the more thoughtful, on Business Pundit, says ‘The points in the Good to Great book may seem very general, however you’ll be amazed that not many people understand ‘general’ concepts like that things don’t happen overnight or the importance of facing facts.”

I expect you’ll be blown away by the article.


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