YouTube for You?

Being a baby boomer, I’m not very adept at “social networking”.  In fact, I’m afraid of it — I don’t seem to have time to maintain the few important friendships I’ve got let alone search for new ones.  But perhaps I’m missing the point – I don’t seem to do a very good job of marketing either – and that might be where social networking comes in handy for people like you or me.

The May/June issue of California Builder has a good article on “Putting Social Media to Work”.  [].

In summary Jim Adams said:

“Social media is still in its infancy.  The audience is already massive. … the fundamentals of social-media communication remain consistent:  keep the message transparent, interactive, and strong.”

How to best accomplish this very good goal?  He mentions Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Each of these seems to require a significant investment in time and maybe even money if you out-source it.

But one idea which seems appropriate to the remodeling community is YouTube.  He suggests that producing “real” videos which capture customer/market interest would meet the criteria of transparent and strong.    He says:

“Video is so cheap and easy to do that every sales executive can have their own YouTube account and a Flip HD camera in their pocket and post item after item.  You don’t have to worry that it’s shot in cinema quality; 95 percent of the videos on YouTube are amateur vides, and consumers like that.  It may not be pretty, but it’s transparent and real. Consumers respond to material that doesn’t look corporate.”

For a remodeler, that sounds pretty easy.  You could shoot a quick tour of the rough inspection, for example, explaining in detail the beautiful work you do to keep the structure sound, waterproof, secure and efficient.  This would be educational and to a certain type of client highly interesting.  Another video could explain aging-in-place decisions and remodeling.

Whatever you do, make it short and easy to get up on the web.  Keep your clients entertained and educated.  As Garrison Keillor says at the end of his weekly Writer’s Almanac:  “… and stay in touch.”


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