The “Reset” economy

Two great ideas flew past my windshield this week – too late to be included in the recent presentation of BRAVE NEW WORLD, the seminar I presented to two Northern California NARI chapters last week – but too good to be ignored.

The first from Business Week quoted GE CEO Jeff Immelt who named the new economy the “Reset economy”, saying that people’s expectations are in the process of being ‘reset’ from the past decade.  This reset will impact everything from what’s sold and produced to the prices we pay.

The second, an even more striking article, is from the September 2009 Harvard Business Review.  The article, entitled “Doing Business in a Postgrowth Society”, states quite clearly that “Just as unlimited population expansion is untenable, so is unlimited GDP growth”.

The author, Yale Professor James Gustave Speth, goes on to say “Soon, developed countries will begin the move to a postgrowth world where working life, the natural environment, communities and the public sector will no longer be sacrificed for the sake of mere GDP growth and where the illusory promise of ever more expansion will no longer provide an excuse for ignoring social needs.  A postgrowth society will involve less consumerism and higher prices; quality of life will improve in ways too long neglected.”

Read the entire article at

If you’re interested, review the power point presentation on BRAVE NEW WORLD.Brave New World v4.

And send me feedback on these and other ideas, please.  Thanks … may the dog days of summer reward your patience!


2 Responses to “The “Reset” economy”

  1. 1 Bruce Johnston August 31, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Judy: When did you move from Orinda to Seattle ?

    • 2 jfmiller January 7, 2013 at 7:46 pm

      Bruce: you can see how little I use this blog. I’m embarassed actually to find that you’ve gotten in touch and I didn’t know it. SO SORRY! Only 3 1/2 years ago.

      I moved April 1st, 2006. My oldest son who lives here with his wife and two sons said that because I travel so much I could live ANYWHERE. As they were in need of a grandparent (I’m the only one still alive) I moved. After asking my Mom if she’d move too. She did – she’s living in a retirement home and I live in a 750 square foot converted garage in Madison Park.

      Do you still have your property up here?

      Perhaps we could have coffee when I’m in the Bay Area in February – I’m coming down next week but am completely slammed with year end work. I hope you’re well!

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