The question “what do you do?” caught me by surprise – I wasn’t able to answer it well.  That was a month ago.

Now as if from a ‘midsummer night’s dream’ I acquired the answer.  It didn’t come to me through research or logic or any of the other standard avenues from which we determine the truth of something.

It came during lunch with a client this week when in a passionate stream words flowed, without conscious thought, about the beauty of the numbers, the exquisite rationale of the balance sheet, the moving curiosity of the income statement and the truth of job cost reports.  Numbers from various reports floated in virtual cloud in front of my eyes, I could see time and decisions moving through that cloud to form the reality of today’s company.

I was excited by what I saw and by what I could see and I wanted to share that excitement with my client, make him see the beauty of those numbers and the true illumination of what they said about the company, about his decisions over time, about his great strengths and about the equally great opportunities in front of him, his company.

After a minute or two of expounding, my hands forming the virtual cloud of numbers ending in a funnel of vital numbers pointing to the one true number, I realized that his eyes had glazed over, I’d lost him.

This wasn’t his passion, it was mine.

It is my passion – putting the numbers together just right.  Getting financial reports which show the reality of the assumptions we’ve made, the ability to meet stated goals: the sufficiency of sales, the efficiency of  production, the control of overhead and the ability of employees and owners to build stable financial futures.  These answers, and more, are all in the numbers!

Not your passion … not a problem.  Please call me if I can help: it’s my passion!


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