Books, books and more books.  Too many to read!  But this should keep you busy.  Everything I’ve read which ties into running a great remodeling company lives on this list.

Changing Minds by Howard Gardner, HBS Press 2006.

This is by far one of the most eye-opening books ever! He is a Harvard psychologist, winner of a MacArthur Fellowship, and takes on a knotty challenge – how to change someone’s mind!


Construction Contractor’s Survival Guide by Thomas Schleifer, John Wiley 1990.

If you read one book – read this one! Although it is expensive and written from data related to larger general contractors, the subject matter is on-point for remodelers too. Learn the 10 fatal mistakes made in the construction industry.

Getting Things Done by David Allen, Penguin Books 2001.

Veteran coach & management consultant shares his methods for stress-free performance. Transform the way you work – pick up the pace without wearing yourself down

Hard Facts, Dangerous 1/2 Truths & Total Nonsense by Pfeffer & Sutton, HBS Press 2006.

Two Stanford professors of organizational behavior & management science argue for a return to empiral decision making rather than basing important business decisions on superficial assumptions.

Mark-up & Profit: a Contractor’s Guide by Michael C. Stone

Although this book appears “basic” in nature, it contains a wealth of information about proper pricing, the elements of a good contract and effective change order management.

Six Disciplines for Excellence by Gary Harpst, Synergy Books 2007

The newest GREAT book on the scene to detail exactly how to build small businesses that learn, lead and last.

Survival in the Construction Business: Checklists for Success by Thomas N. Frisby

The Means Master Collection of construction management checklists organizes complex parts of the job into checklist format.

The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth by Steve Little, Wiley 2005.

This book is the “how to, where to, when to, who to, and why to take the strategic steps that will cultivate growth & harvest profits.”

The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack, DoubleDay 1992

This book receives 5 stars (out of 5) on the Amazon website but it should have 6! This is THE bible for building an accountable company.

The One Thing you Need to Know by Marcus Buckingham, Free Press 2005.

Read this book to clearly understand the difference between successful management, great leadership and individual succes

The Unnatural Act of Management by T. Everett Suters, Harper Business Press 1992.

Management is an art. This quick-read makes the art seem effortless. It’s a fun story with a deep message.

The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin, 1758

“If you would be wealthy, think of saving, as well as of getting.”

The World According to Peter Drucker by Jack Beatty, Broadway Books 1998.

Total Constrution Project Management by George Ritz, McGraw Hill 1994.

Successful project management consists of 3 important parts: planning, execution and control. Ritz argues that of the 3, planning is by far the most important!

Total Quality Project Mngmt. for the Design Firm by Stasiowski & Burstein, Wiley 1994.


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